Monday, February 6, 2012

It's something

Holy Cow!!

It's been nearly a week since I posted. It's such a shame that good habits are so easily replaced.

I got an answer from the manufacturer today! It was....encouraging. You know what? I'm just going to copy and paste most of it.

Thanks Emilie for checking back in…We have not made any decisions at this time.  After reviewing what we have & adjusting ship dates according to our selling we kind of feel we need to slow down a bit & make sure we have the proper sell-thru on the collections as they stand now.  As for the future right now we have collections thru the Spring Quilt Market and have already started to move into the fall deliveries, but we are always looking for talented designers /artists!  Please do not be discouraged we just need to concentrate on what we have right now before we look to sign on new artists.

One thing that I am not sure if I had mentioned before or not… I love your collections, but we are really looking for that specialty groups, ones that tell a story.  The collections would consist of conversational prints or icon driven prints with flowers & geos as supporting patterns.  We have really noticed from our selling the groups with animals (From our website - Feather N Stitch & Babysaurus) or icons (Kitchy Kitchen and Tinsel- which we have already reordered and it has not even shipped yet) are blowing out compared to the floral/geometric based groups plus I think with our artists we have already signed we have the floral/geo-look covered.  If you want to rework what you have & maybe try to add something more that would be fabulous…I would love to see anything you send, but it is your call.

Thanks again for checking in & I really do hope we can work this out!!

I call that good. It seems to me she likes what I have done, but needs a specific fit. At first I wrestled with this. My personal taste tends to shy away from icon driven prints. That being said, as I looked over the collections she referenced, I began to envision ways to stay true to what I would buy while incorporating what is wanted.   It's all a balancing act. PLUS, it's not a bad thing to get your foot in the door.

So. YAY! Progress!


Sabina said...

Good for you Emilie. You can make it work for both of you. I love your attitude! Don't give up

Denise said...

I read that as a lot more than encouraging! Way to go - and stay in the fight!

April Weeks said...

Go get em TIGER!

Danica said...

Good job Emilie, keep up the hard work. It will happen, I know it will.

mae said...

Positive feedback for sure! Keep us posted.