Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kids are great!

I got to spend most of the day with my friend, Nicki, working on Disneyland shirts. It was so fun to be reminded of my very favorite kinds of friends. The kind that can hang out all day with you and it's never boring, awkward, or tiresome. Just relaxing. Even if our project didn't match suit ;) PLUS she even did my dishes. Now THAT'S the kind of friend everyone needs! Thanks!

The whole time Nicki and I were crafting the kids were playing so nicely. Very few hiccups.

I was reminded why little kids are so fun to be around shortly after Nicki and her kids left. I noticed Sanders out of the corner of my eye coming up the stairs slowly. In his hand were a toy tea pot and a toy glass. He stopped at the top of the stairs to see if I had noticed him....he knows he's not supposed to bring those particular toys upstairs because when he does I know it only means ONE thing. He wants to play in the water with them. He didn't want to risk a, "No." from me so he was trying to be sneaky.

I just gave him a look that said, " Umm...excuse me now. Where do you think you are going with those?"

He  interpreted the look correctly and responded by pointing out, "My eyes are closed!!!"

I laughed out loud! I had totally forgotten that 2 and 3 year olds believe very strongly that if they can't see you, you most certainly can't see them! HA!!!!

The other funny thing happened just after Karaia had a new foam mattress put on her bed tonight. As she laid down for the first time she sighed, "This. is. paradise! I could get used to this!"

When did she get so old?

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Ellis said...

I had the greatest day!! It was so fun to get out of my house and just spend the day with you hanging out. Doing something new and fun and totally NOT required with a great friend what could be better?? Tonight as we finally sat down to dinner (9pm) we were talking about our "best thing of the day" for Sonja it was playing with Sanders and for Laurana it was spending the whole day with Tennyson! We love you and we should totally hang out more often and just do stuff...or do nothing at all and just play.