Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last night of two

Tonight is the very last night I will ever have a two year old. Sanders turns 3 tomorrow!

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm feeling very nostalgic about the whole thing. Not enough to make plans to ensure I have another two year old child of my own, but slightly melancholy about the whole affair none the less.

Two year olds are SO fun...and challenging....and frustrating...and FUN! Their personalities really shine and they learn SO much between the age of Two and Three.

Sanders is no different. He learned to speak better, He is potty trained, He sleeps in a big boy bed (well, mostly...we still only have the crib mattress on the floor). He can get himself dressed. He can wash his own hands. He can peddle a bike...mostly. He recognizes a bunch of letters. He knows what's funny and does it or says it just to get a laugh. He's the best!!

I took a few pictures of him a few days ago with the idea that I would make some invites, but time got away from me. He wants a GREEN birthday party which is why he is wearing his very green shirt. I wanted to document the pictures. He is nearly impossible to photograph right now because he keeps trying to get action shots and I'm not a skilled enough photographer to make them not fuzzy. Anyway, they still do a good job documenting his general personality. Enjoy.(GASP! I know! A post with pictures!!!!)

Picture black mail. He said he would LOVE to have his picture taken...... right after I snapped a shot of him as Batman. 

I realize this pic is all washed out, but I love his expression so much I couldn't leave it out.

The rest are what I call, "Sanders in action"

"Who me?"

"Here's my 'camera' smile, mom!"
"I'm loving this one on one time and all, but I'm still not going to look at the camera..."

"Yeah. I'm cute."
"Mom, how can you say no to a look like this?"

"No, YOU'RE turning 3!"

"I'm so silly! She totally believe she was turning 3 instead of me!!"
"The Ennnnnd!"
I love you Sanders Bo Banders!


Nancy said...

Big happy birthday to Sanders!
I remember that age so well - my son wore his batman Halloween costume complete with cape from one Halloween straight through to the next.
And action pic #2 - many scrunchy faced smiles just like that. Many succession pictures end with him sticking his tongue out at me and saying STOP!

April Weeks said...

He LOOKS so old! meaning he is not a baby-kid he is a kid-kid. Wow! So glad we have Sanders in our family.
Happy Birthday Mr. Green!