Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scripture tote

This was a bit of a scary challenge for me. I really wanted to design Karaia's scripture bag all on my own. But translating a pattern from your head onto paper and then to fabric was very intimidating for me. I didn't want to end up with something I or she would be embarrassed about.

First things first, a trip to the fabric store. Because she was turning 8 and because I had been trying to loosen my reigns a bit and let her make her own choices and, most importantly, because this was HER bag and I wanted her to love it I let her pick out a few fabric combinations completely on her own and then I helped guide her on a few others.

When we were done with this process we had about 5 different fabric combinations. I asked her to pick one from the five. As it turns out Karaia and I have very different taste preferences. What she picked was cute, it just wasn't what I would have chosen.:) But then she added one more fabric pattern, polka dots, and it brought it back into my world.

Now the hard part. Taking what I had drawn for a pattern and translating it to fabric.

Thankfully, I think it turned out pretty cute.

The sparkle was the perfect touch.
The ruching came to me in a dream. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but it may be my favorite part of the bag.

I even added a zipper pocket inside! I know. I'm shocked too. Finding out you can do more than you expected has to be the best feeling ever.

Two pockets on the side for pencils, a pocket in the front, and a zipper pocket in the back.

There is heavy, super stiff, interfacing on the sides. I wanted it to hold it's shape regardless of whether or not it was holding scriptures or not.

The best part? Karaia loves it. That's all I wanted it to achieve. Happy Birthday Karaia


Amy said...

Em- I love it too! You have a beautiful talent to create! There's no possibility that someone wouldn't think it's fabulous! Good work- I'm sure it turned out better than either you or Karaia could imagine.

Janice said...

Great job with the execution of an idea. Too bad you don't have extra time to turn your talent into a business. It turned out beautiful.

Chrissy said...

It turned out beautifully! I love the ruching and the bling too. I can't imagine an 8 year old girl who wouldn't love it. :)

Tobi said...

Gorgeous! I want one...but with stripes (ha ha). You really could start a business.

Lynae said...

Awesome! Are you for hire?

Skye O. said...

Very cute Emilie! Good job Karaia on the fabric too.

Colle said...

I love it I wish my scrpture bag was that cute! You seriuosly could sell those!

Ellis said...

Do you know how SERIOUSLY HARD it is to find a fun scripture bag. I haven't seen many cute ones to be honest. This is PERFECT! Will you make one for me and my then my girls when they turn 8 ;) I know you are just basking in extra time. You are AMAZING! I LOVE how you really let her help choose it (that can be SO HARD). I can't wait to see what Beckham's tote will look like. You're the BEST! Nicki

mae said...

you never cease to amaze! btw- you did a great job on sunday.

Lawson Family said...

We've already talked, but for sure I want my kids to be gifted an amazing bag like that from their talented Auntie Em! It's adorable!

Brianna said...

It turned out beautiful... beautiful enough to sell!

Deb said...

The bag is beautiful. What a wonderful mom you are.

my rebel took over said...

Thank you for offering to make these for everyone! You are awesome. I'll take two.


If only I could sew.

Jackie said...

Love love love it!!
Really, a bag for whatever!
Really, will you start a business?
For real! You've got clients as far as the east coast!
Talent! Looks fab! That lucky girl!

Amy said...

Do you have a pattern? I would love to make one for my daughter. I can probably wing it but a pattern would be great? THANKS! This is my most favorite scripture tote I found!