Saturday, December 18, 2010

The day she turned 8

This post could very easily be about me.

About how I fussed over every detail.

How I designed (something I didn't know I was capable of) and crafted a scripture case she loved.

How much I wanted today to be full of magic.......

Or it could be about the details. The dress. The decor. 

Instead I want to focus on her.

My Karaia.

I cannot believe she is 8. I vividly remember her very. first. breath.

She was beautiful. As all first children are. But everyone said her skin was peaches and cream. And it was.

I was worried a few weeks ago that she just may not be ready to make such a big decision as baptism and really take it seriously. I will not have any of my children getting baptized just because it is a social obligation. We've had many talks and lesson concerning the subject. But still, I wasn't sure.

Then two weeks ago I asked her this question, "If someone told you it was the dumbest thing to believe in the LDS church and it made you a weird person if you did, what would you do?"

"I would walk away and not listen."

"Would you still believe?"

"Uh yeah!" said in the most teenage voice the Disney Channel has taught her.

That was when I knew. She was ready.

Today was amazing. She woke up at 6 am because she was too excited to sleep. The morning was a bit busy as there was still some set up to do but we pulled it off.

Karaia turned 8 years old today. AND she was getting baptized. A very rare pairing. Most 8 year old don't get to do both on the same day.

They have changed the clothing the stake provides for getting baptized in. When I was 8 I got a big white coverall. The gave Karaia a dress.

Her second white dress.


She was so excited. She kept going back through the baptismal font doors because she could. It was her day.

All of the family did a perfect job of helping make a great program. Beckham accompanied the opening song and did really well.

Grandpa Jim had sent Grandma Candace his testimony for her to read. That meant so much to Karaia as she has been really missing her grandpa. Daily we have a conversation about how much he means to her.

All morning I cried with joy every time I thought about her entering the water. Then again when I thought about her receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. When those moments actually arrived there where no tears (very unusual for me). Only peace and calm.

I was SO proud of her. She had made the choice I had hoped she would, but it was HER choice.

Kevin did a beautiful job and I was reminded of just how much I lucked out with such a wonderful father to my children.

Afterward we had a party in the multipurpose room. She was delightful to be around.

I asked her if she felt any different now. She replied, "Yes, I do. Inside."

I have LOVED watching the emerging "Big Girl" personality. She's more opinionated, but not in a snotty way. It's lovely to see her own her own destiny.

Karaia, I was very proud you were my daughter today. Well done, Sister. Well done.


Chrissy said...

This is a beautiful post Em. You are such a good mom and this will be so special for Karaia to be able to read about this day from your perspective and remember how she made this important decision for herself.

Congratulations to you all. :)

Tobi said...

Congratulations. I'm glad the special day was all you hoped for.

my rebel took over said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.