Monday, December 6, 2010

piano recital and trick or treating

At the end of October, Tennyson told us he was big enough to ride with out training wheels. We gave it a shot.

Turns out it's a bit harder than he expected so he said he would like to wait until he was a "little bit bigger."  :)

On October 30th, Karaia and Beckham had a piano recital. They prepared two pieces. One of their choice and then one that they would use to accompany the audience.

I was SOOOOO proud of them! They did so well. They practiced really hard and it showed. They memorized every note.

Karaia powered through her shyness and kept going.

Way to go Karaia and Beckham!!!!!

PS I made Karaia's dress...I borrowed a pattern I liked the basic shape of, but then added my own touches :)

That evening it was time for Trick or Treating! It was raining SO hard! 

Before going out

This is what a wet elephant looks like after Trick or Treating in the rain for 20 minutes.

Look at how wet he was!
Karaia didn't care if it was raining. She has jumped over into a new realm of childhood in which the pursuit of candy on Halloween trumps all other obstacles. She dragged Kevin out for another hour and a half and came home with a big smile and way too much candy!

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my rebel took over said...

May I just say that I like your license plate! Ok...your kids are pretty cute too.