Monday, December 6, 2010

The first half of October

How's that for a catchy title?

These next few post are going to be mostly pictures.

If we assume that, "A picture is worth a thousand words." is accurate than I feel at peace with my decision :)

Sometime in October I convinced my mom we should go down to Thanksgiving point. They were having a kid oriented Halloween carnival that I thought would be fun.

We packed a lunch and head down. We wandered through a few stores and then ate our lunch in one of the gardens

After lunch we stopped by the glass blowing and cutting shop. We could have stayed there for hours. Karaia even got to help cut some glass. They were working on stained glass windows for a new temple.

We had two choices for the activities. I can't even remember what they were called (I would if I saw them) but we made the wrong choice. The area we choose was geared towards Sanders' age and really not much older than that. The kids had fun but petting all the animals and playing a few games, but the lines where super long and it just wasn't worth the money we spent.

The other area had bounce houses and slides.....but next year we'll do better.

Ok, now jumping to completely different day.

We met up with the Davis' at Pack's pumpkin patch. It was so fun to have ALL of our children be really into finding a pumpkin this year!

Awww Evan and Sanders giving kisses
You can't ask for a better back drop!

There are a million of these pictures. But I wanted to document how hard we try to get one. decent. picture. So that if my kids ever complain about how they look in the photo albums they will know it is not my doing :)

It's impossible to get three young boys looking at the camera all at the same time...but we tried.

The only picture Beckham stopped long enough for me to take.

There's the smile I love!

Watch Tennyson grow up to LOVE getting his picture taken. Right now we mostly get silly, squinty eyes.

It was a really fun day. And all of the pumpkins where perfect carving pumpkins.

I love memory days like that.

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