Friday, December 31, 2010

Halfy birthday Tennyson and Karaia's dance recital and Beckham's first lost tooth

First, just a few random, cute pictures of Sanders. Looks like he's found his "cheese" face for the camera.

Another random, but quick mini post. Karaia and Beckham are in their school choir. They got to preform at the light ceremony. It was SUPER crowed this year and there were no good spots so I don't really have a good picture of them. But they did a nice job.
On Dec. 11th Karaia had a dance recital. Another crowed venue. However, even though we didn't all have chairs to sit in we were able to see the performances really well.

OH WAIT! This REALLY should be a post all it's own. But after the week we've had I am just lucky it will be posted in 2010.

BECKHAM LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!!! He was SO excited. It practically fell out all on it's own it was so loose. He lost it on Dec. 10.  Isn't he a cutie?

Karaia did an incredible job with her tap dancing. I had no idea she was so talented in that area. She looked like she was having fun and she new all the steps to a very long song. We were so proud!!! Way to go Karaia!!!

As with most schools, Tennyson's preschool celebrates summer birthdays as close to their halfy birthdays as they can get. For Tennyson that fell on Dec. 14th.

I ADORE his teacher, Ms. Karen. She is an amazing teacher and combines lots of fun activities with lots of learning. Tennyson has grown so much this year.

She also happens to be really good at tying balloons. When it's your birthday celebration, you get a special hat made by her.
And you and all your friends get balloon swords to wield around and have imaginary battles with each other.
Tennyson loved his special day and I was happy to be a part of it.

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