Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I'm pregnant

My hair won't work. Turns out it's because I'm pregnant.

I tried to get my hair colored and highlighted last Thursday. After 3 hours in the salon, the highlights were still orange. We were going for a more blond color.

On Saturday, I went back to have them dye over the orange, which by now had intensified. After 40 minutes of dark brown, we rinsed only to discover not all of the orange wanted to be hidden. Thankfully, it looks like we meant to do that----you know for depth and movement.

People have lost there sensor button. Turns out it's because I'm pregnant.

At the grocery store, I was repeatedly stopped by complete strangers so they could gasp in horror that I was walking around the store when it was SO obvious that the baby would make an appearance any second. When I kindly informed them that, Yes, I know I look like I should be having this baby soon, but I in fact have 4 weeks left, I got disbelieving stares. Of course no one can be THAT big and STILL be 4 weeks away.

I even had the produce guy stop and tell me his whole life story. I found out half way through that he's had half of his brain removed after an accident, which somewhat explained the random need to explain his existence to a stranger and his more than disturbing conclusion that when his wife was pregnant with their first, at 7 months they could no longer find a heart beat.

So, so, sad.

But WHY in the world are you telling ME that?!

Guess who did about a bigillion and a half fetal kick counts yesterday.

I am winded after coming up my staircase. I really hoping it's because I'm pregnant.

Kevin let's me take a lot of random naps. He's nice anyway, but he's extra nice when I'm pregnant.

I have decided to just be glad I look huge. It's the last time people aren't going to think it's because I'm not taking care of my body. It's because I'm pregnant.

Come on Big Mama. Let's see just how big you can really get!


Kevin said...

Chrissy said...

Em, not only are you hugely pregnant you are also older than you've ever been... you are just falling apart! :) Silly girl, you are beautiful, glowing, radiant and naps during pregnancy are not optional, they are very nescesary. I say since you are sure this is your last, revel in every moment and senation of being pregnant. Eat ice cream with buffalo sauce at 3 am and chuck the guilt out the window. And get a shirt that says your due date on it in bright red letters, and "so don't bother asking..." under it. Like my mom always said, "Find joy in the journey."

Emilie said...

I really should get a shirt. That would be awesome!

Yup, I've decided there's nothing more to do the sit in my all encompassing, big-enough-to-have-my-own-gravity-pull, glory and enjoy it all.

April said...

So your saying the world revolves around you for now... good thinking! Ditto what Chrissy says. Let's make that shirt! Oh, and your hair looks normal, at least when I saw you it didn't scream out at me that anything was amiss. You looked just as beautiful as the last time I saw you... BIG, yes, but definately beautiful.