Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Would you like some logic with that dessert?

Karaia has play group every Monday at 10 am. It was snowing quite heavily when it was time to leave, yesterday, so Kevin offered to drive her because the house was located on a very steep hill.

Kevin opted to take the longer, less steep way around. This however, did not exclude the slipperiness of the roads as he had hoped. Trying to navigate up a steeper portion of the course, the wheels began to spin very fast without moving the car forward. He began to resort to using his great mental prowess to will the car up and forward when Karaia asked, "Did the car run out of gas?"

"No. " (Now focusing intently on wielding the fast turning wheels to grip. the. road.)

"But, then why aren't we moving?"

There's nothing like being caught off guard by a 5 year old's logic.

Later in the day, I noticed Karaia opening and shutting the pantry followed by periods of intense concentration stirring something in a bowl. I asked her what she was doing. She announced she was making dessert for tonight so I was not allowed to have any just yet. But could she please put her "dessert" in the fridge so it wouldn't get old before dinner. Sure.

Fast forward to the end of dinner. She presents dessert to us and and with the pride of a great internationally known chef, begins dishing everyone up. As I am looking at my plate I recognize most of what has been placed there. It's the fact that I don't recognize it ALL that has me worried.

Me: What ingredients did you use?

K: Oh, crackers, raisins, popcorn......

Me: Wait. Popcorn. We didn't have popcorn today. Where did you get popcorn?

K: It was the yummy popcorn.

Me: Where did you get the yummy popcorn?

K: Behind the pink chair downstairs.

Me: Oh....MMMMM.

At which point I quickly utilized any slight of hand skills I possessed and made my, um, dessert disappear being careful to avoid any proximity to my mouth as I desired to live through out the night.

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