Thursday, February 14, 2008


Holidays were always magical around my house growing up. Even Valentine's Day. I strive to recreate similar memories for my little ones.

This morning I had their valentines, cereal straws....they saw them on T.V. and really wanted them, and their cards laid by their breakfast seats. I had strung construction hearts on a string and wrapped them around each seat and around the banister to surprise them when they woke up. Nothing fancy. Just a hint of magic.

We had friends drop by all afternoon to give Karaia and Beckham wishes of a good day, cards of friendship, and to ensure a pretty good sugar buzz by the evening.

For dinner I made these.

Simple yet exciting. It's not every day you get pancakes made into shapes combined with a festive shade of food color pink.

The best part of the day was this card.

A nice night out was not in the picture for us this year as we are still awaiting a job. But the inside of this card stopped my heart as no romantic date could.

He loves me and he thinks I'm perfect....despite the obvious fault in that thought.


I think I'm in love.


Meleah said...

I bet your kids loved the pink pancakes! I made some too but then did not turn out. (I forgot the egg.)
Isaac eat it though, I guess with enough syrup anything tastes good. :)
Cute pictures!
It sounds like you have a blast with your kids!!

Amy said...

You are so sweet...I need to do more things like that!!! I hope you had a great valentines day!!!

CnLAland said...

Emilie!! Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I actually have seen your blog before...through Nicolle's....and I didn't realize it was you! You have the most entertaining posts ever! I love the way you write! Do you care if I add you to my blog? I would love to keep in touch!

Emilie said...

Go ahead Lindsay. I was hoping you would remember me! Nothing like reconnecting with friends from the past...