Friday, February 29, 2008


Sorry for the lack of reading material.

I have been desperate to spend as much time with Kevin as possible now that I know the end of this partial second honeymoon (you can't call it a full honeymoon because there were children around) is very near.

He starts his new job on Monday. While this is very happy and a complete answer to our prayers, I am a bit sad for this change to happen. I've LOVED having him home during the day. It has been so relaxing and freeing to have so much time to spend with each other and our children. We've become very good at finding Free Family Field Trip activities and have truly created some cherished memories that would otherwise not have happened. We are grateful for such a blessing.

And yet I know he must work. For his own man-hood to feel complete he needs to contribute financially........or so he says. I want him to feel complete, but I want him here.


So the change must come and with it the excitement and anticipation that such events bring. It is for the best. And we will still be happy. But I'll tell you what, now that I've had a taste of what retired life brings you can bet I'll be dreaming about it at night.


April said...

It is so wonderful to hear that you have such a great relationship and marriage. That makes me SO happy! love Mom

CnLAland said...

I LOVE when my hubby is home too! It's hard to send him back to work every monday after a nice weekend with all of his help. I am glad to hear your husband was offered a job. Good luck with this new adventure!