Monday, January 28, 2008

You've got to stay on your toes

We decided to do a FHE lesson on safety tonight. As we entered the topic of Stranger Danger, I asked the kids this, "What should you do if a stranger tries to take you to their car?" Beckham enthusiastically yelled/growled, " You should get your gun and shoot them!!!!"

I was speechless for a moment trying to figure out where he had learned such a thing, but Kevin countered with, "You don't have a gun. So what are you going to do."

Without so much as a pause Beckham said, "Well, I have a water gun. I'll shoot them with my water gun." We applauded that choice and provided him with some other options as well. Meanwhile, Karaia is still giggling in the background over the gun comment.

We then began practicing 911 calls. I was the dispatcher and Beckham made the call.

M: What's the problem?

B: My mom fell down and hurt her head.

M: What is your name?

B: Beckham

M: What is your last name?

B: D***

M: Where do you live?

B: In Grandma's house.
(Apparently we have some address memorization to do)

AND earlier today Beckham informed me, "I think when you were married we were in your tummy."

Me: No. You were still up in Heaven with Heavenly Father.

B: Oh right. He was babysitting us.

.....Yeah....that'll work.


Colle said...

That kid is pretty funny!

Lawson Family said...

Ah that Beckham! It's so great that you're writing this all down. He is going to love every little story that's told.

Bianca said...

What a great idea for totally had me laughing too. Do you mind if I put a link of your blog on our blog??

Hope you are doing well....Bianca

Dave said...

So, was Mom hurting her head scripted by Mom and Dad or was it Beckham's wild imagination? In either case, let's just make sure that we sign him up for the Junior NRA club as soon as he's 'of age'.