Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Kevin was offered a job with the Department of Financial Institutions for the State of Utah!!!!!!!!

The wait is over! No more applying for jobs, searching for leads, eating beans as a nessescity (I actually quite like them and will continue to make them, but that's beside the point.) No more waiting for an answer!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for keeping us in your prayers. This has been a wonderful time for our little family and we fully acknowledge it is because of the prayers on our behalf. Thank you for your love and your support.

Now, if you please, everyone let's all do the happy dance and celebrate together!!!!!

1, 2, 3........Dance!



Katie said...

waaaaaaahoooooo!!! we are so excited for you guys! good job kev! it all worked out! hope to see you soon!

Chrissy said...

The kids and I are totally doing the happy dance for you guys! (I'm sure my kids don't understand why we're dancing, they just like to dance. But mine is totally the happy dance, which will never be performed in public....) Congratulations!!!

Denise said...

Right time - right job for now!!
Congratulations - I am sure this is just the beginning.

Colle said...

Congratulations!!! I am glad to hear it. Being out of work is no fun.

BJ said...

I am beyond happy for you and your family. The Lord truly does know the best time for everything, even when it gets hard. I understand! I hope that Kevin will enjoy his new job and be able to go far with it. Congratulations!

Dave said...

Dear Daly Family:

Would you please post the video of the Daly Dance of Delight on this blog site? I'd love to see it.

Perhaps Kev and I will need to do lunch soon to celebrate his new position. Or heck - double date night next week?!


Emilie said...

Thanks for all the love!!!

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you view it, we failed to capture “the moment” on camera.

Dave – We’ll take you up on that double date night whenever you’re ready!