Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have this situation. I am in love with all things of late. That and cob salad. (But that is beside the point as I do not have immediate access to The Best of All Salads on a daily basis.) Anyway, so as I said I'm sort of head over heals for sugary things lately. However, I also am in love with losing the last bit of weight left over from Tennyson. Do you see the problem.

I have started running/walking daily, again. Which I adore. But then I think, "It's OK to have some cheese cake today. Because I'm running again." So anything I burned off I put right back on at some point in the day. Obviously, I am more enamored with sugary highs than looser jeans. But in my brain, that causes fights.

I try, try, try to be strong. Eventually turning off my brain so I can't listen to it make logical arguments as to why carrot cake should not be considered a highlight of the day. I tell my brain that I am a mother of three who deserves some "me" time. If I chose to have cake in said time, then I will have cake.

I also make the counter argument that there is a very good chance that I will lose some of those calories later on as I am running from a monster Spiderman is trying to save me from. Or from princess ballerina dance festivals. "The possibilities of caloric loss are endless", I insist.

And so my sweets induced reasoning wins out and I snuggle down in my couch determined to enjoy every last bite. All the while reflecting that if I eat it all, it won't be here to tempt me tomorrow. Then I won't even have this struggle.......hmmmm.....sounds tempting doesn't it?


Jillian said...

We have got to get together and make a game plan!! at the same time you were writing this, I was telling jay essentially the same exact thing!!! for some reason our need for comfort (sweets) takes over from our need to get rid of that tire around the middle.(although small to others it may seem)..... I would fill this whole comment page if I kept talking, so lets get together! I have a few ideas, but can't make myself stick to them alone !

April said...

Hey Em, I remember having that same thought about a peach cruch dessert I had made... If I eat it all now it won't be there to tempt me tomorrow! It worked too. love ya, mom

Anonymous said...

I suggest letting Karaia do all the dessert cooking at your house. Problem solved. :)

Kevin said...


I can't tell, do you want to get together to eat more desserts and sweet stuff? If so, Jay and I want to come too.

Skye O. said...

That explains me perfectly. I just ate a mini candybar. Feeling a little guilty, but enjoyed every minute of it. My excuse is that today is Sunday! I am good at finding excuses! I love to read your blog!