Thursday, March 15, 2012

For Donna

Donna is my cousin Chrissy's aunt. We've grown to know each other through mutual holiday parties and family gathers. She happens to be in the same precinct as me. Toward the end of the evening she called my name and said, "You aren't blogging enough! Reading your and Chrissy's blog became part of my nightly routine. "To which her husband, Kevin, added, "No kidding. You gain a following and then you just stop." This, of course was all said in jest with a foundation of truth :)

SO, Donna, I will try. I'm finding it hard to commit to every day, BUT I will commit to every other day.

It helps to know it's been missed. Thanks Donna!!

In other news, Kevin won a State Delegate seat tonight! The ironic thing is that the last seat came down to a vote between my Kevin and Donna's Kevin. Funny huh? It was REALLY close. Either way a Kevin would have won and that would have been great!

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Ellis said...

Congratulations Kevin!!! Emilie I love your posts as well! Can you believe that this month dreams are coming true in unexpected ways for both of really just never know how things are going to turn out do you. Success and Happiness to you both!