Thursday, March 22, 2012

No wait...I can explain! you remember a week ago when I said I was going to post every other day and then I went silent for a week? Oh you do? I was sort of hoping maybe you weren't listening reading really well.

This is the deal, see I made that post really late the night before I flew with most of my family for a trip to Washington D.C.. I don't post when we go on vacation before we go. My blog is public and I just think that would be asking for trouble to tell the interwebs when our home will be empty. So there I left you. Wondering if I had forgotten my commitment or possibly if I'd forgotten how to type. Both are wonderful hypotheses and yet would prove to be incorrect.

It was a FANTASTIC trip, but we were beat by the time we reached our hotel every night and it was all I could do just stay awake enough to get the kids to sleep.  I thought I would be able to do a quick little blog every other day while gone, but my head was so full of the days adventures that coming up with thoughts that didn't divulge that we weren't in our home felt like a chore....and I was on vacation after all ;)

I will get pictures and details up very soon.

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