Monday, March 5, 2012

This is good

I have been extremely busy with work. Way more than I'd like to be. However, because of that I have come to learn a few things about myself.

1. I actually quite enjoy "just" being a mom. (Put the rotten tomatoes down. I KNOW being a mom is the best, but you know what I mean)

For so long, and with firm heavenly direction, I have been focused on goals in addition to fine tuning my motherhood role. These goals have be passionately fueled and inspired from a place I can't even accurately describe. They have been good goals and have served in helping me grow into the person, the mom, the friend, the sister, the daughter, the wife I was sent to become. The journey has afforded me a lot of growth I assumed I would only find with the achievement of the goal. Turns out I was wrong.

That doesn't mean I have given up on my goals. Not a chance. It just means it doesn't ache that I'm not there yet. I just means I wish life would slow down a bit so I can enjoy my small children more and I know reaching my goal will only increase the speed. I love my life. Right now. As it is. I feel like I might be missing too much of my kid's time with me and that scares me. I don't want any regrets about this life. I'm not talking about mistakes because I can guarantee I have a running dialog with my Heavenly Father most of the day repenting for choices I make. Regrets are different. Regrets are avoidable if you put your very best self forward.

2. I seriously lack skills in multitasking well. Sure I can multitask, but it's not pretty. 

3. I'm OK being good at what I'm good at and you being good at what you're good at. That being said, I think there is always room for improvement. I purposely surround myself with people who have a strength that is my weakness. Not to put myself down, but to give myself the best possible chance of changing the weakness to a asset.

Finally, I have a really good life. It's not glamorous. We aren't wealthy. But we have what is important and I am content and happy.  For that I find the words within my knowledge to be severely lacking to perfectly capture the depth of gratitude I feel.


Emily said...

I feel that I have had similar experiences lately, but could never have said it as well.

Thank you!

Chrissy said...

I love this post, from the title to the last paragraph. It's perfect. :)

April Weeks said...

content and happy. Really, what more could you ask?

Ellis said...

Enjoyed your post but after spending yet another full day with you yesterday I have to disagree with your point number 2. You are great at multitasking. Yesterday I watched as you worked on your business stuff, helped me with my project, took care of not only your kids but mine as well (potty, dressing, activities, quarrels, food, all of it), continued with your clicks for positive reinforcement with your kids, enjoyed visiting with me, and held the fort with no husband home...if that is not AMAZING multi-tasking then I don't know what is!