Friday, March 2, 2012

First Day of Three

Sanders was the best today. Everything was SO exciting!

We put streamers and balloons on his door so when he woke up he knew it was party time.

 It worked a little too well because at breakfast I noticed his bottom lip out and his head was hanging down. 

"What's wrong Buddy?"

"They not coming."

"Not coming?"

"To my party."

"Who's not coming?"

"Evan.....and Nana."

He truly thought everyone would be over for a party the second he woke up. Since that didn't happen he thought he had been stood up! Poor little guy! We explained the party wasn't until the evening, which helped. But barley.

Not to worry, the rest of the day was spent cleaning and decorating and baking including a special outing for lunch with just Dad and Sanders.

The theme of the party was GREEN!

Sanders is hilarious with the color green. It doesn't matter how many times he sees it in a day, every. single. time it's like someone just gave him a new puppy. That's how excited he gets.

I wish I would have had the presence of mind to have everyone gathered for a picture who was wearing green. So much love! (if you'll notice, Sanders is not wearing a green shirt. He felt the stripe of green on his shirt was festive enough. I decided making the birthday boy wear something he didn't want too was the opposite of cool)

Kevin made this fantastic Ombre green cake. 6 layers of deliciousness!

Sanders was also so grateful and animated with the generous gifts he was given. It was like he won the lottery with each present. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came or who was here in spirit! It meant so much to Sanders. He has been talking about all the people he loves coming to celebrate this special day with him. Thank you!!!!

He also got a phone call from his special friend Rhyse. She moved last year, but he talks about her every day. In every prayer he is thankful he got to play with Rhyse...even if he hasn't seen her for months. That little girl has a huge place in his heart. 

Sanders loves people. He loves to be silly. He loves his brothers and sister. With every gift he opened he would say, "LOOK, Tennyson! I got......" It was so cute.

He is an independent little fellow who thinks he controls what goes on around here. He doesn't, but he sure tries to over throw the thrown every day. And every day we get to have a little chat about how that is not going to happen.

He is also very affectionate. He loves to hug me around my neck and his favorite way to talk to me is with his hands on my face or around my neck playing with my hair. I melt.

He not really very naughty. Sure he gets into things now and again, but for the most part he will ask me before he starts a new adventure. That being said, once his mind is set on something, it extremely difficult to talk him out of it.

Sanders LOVES to tell you about all the imagination play he and Tennyson have concocted. It's always very elaborate.

We love Sanders. He makes our lives more joyful and keeps our priorities straight.

Happy Birthday, Sanders!!


Megs said...

So fun! I'm bummed that I missed it. I love all the green that everyone was wearing....except Sanders! Funny kid.

That That is one impressive cake. Strong work Kevin! :)

Happy Birthday little Buddy! You. are. awesome.

Nancy said...

What a great party for Sanders!
Sweet pictures!

April Weeks said...

I was/am delighted at how excited he is over everything, every present, every person. He is a joy to be around.
Love that Mr Green Sanders.

April Weeks said...

Em, look at the 3rd to last picture enlarged. We are trying to help him blow out the candles. Me, Tennyson, Belle and Beckham... funny.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Sanders - and tell Kevin that is an AMAZING cake!

Lawson Family said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Sanders! So many big adventures await!

I do love the color theme. So fun, festive!