Friday, June 17, 2011

Tennyson turns 4!

Tennyson's fourth birthday was a bit unusual. I don't know how he was in the morning, or even most of the day. I wasn't with him.

He was still up in Bear Lake and I was down in Salt Lake attending my dad's citizenship ceremony.

I did take a picture of his last night of three-year-oldum

My sweet sister-in-laws offered to get up early with my kiddos so that we could leave the night before.

I'm told he seemed to have a happy day.

He got to have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, per his request, and make pipe cleaner animals with Grandpa Jim.

All Tennyson wanted to do for his birthday was to celebrate it in Bear Lake and to celebrate it with Grandpa Jim. They have the same birthday you know. This is the first year that Tennyson has really understood just how cool that is. He would tell EVERYONE that he and his grandpa share the same birthday.

When we returned to Bear Lake around 4 pm they took Tennyson in the back so we could decorate and then hide and surprise him.

It didn't really work, but it was a fun idea.

The cake was awful... awful looking anyway. He asked for a light saber cake (Yes, I am aware he had a light saber cake last year. I pointed out this fact to him. He said, "But I didn't have  a Luke Skywalker light saber!" So this year it was blue instead of red) We had rushed making the cake before we returned to Bear Lake. By the time we got there, the frosting had melted and the blue berries had migrated. So, so sad. Ah well. Can't win them all.

A before picture of the cake. Not that it was a beauty before it's long car trip.

And after. What a sad, sorry looking cake.

Tennyson told me the cake looked great. That's all that matters.

Tennyson was so grateful and excited about every. last. present.

He told grandma Candace, "I wanted this for my LIFE!!!" when she gave him some play dough toys.

Funny kid.

We gave him a little table top sandbox. He is in love. He's been eying this toy for over a year now.

He got some fun water toys, a tic tac toe toy, and some rocket shooters. All perfect.

Tennyson is my child of extremes. He can be extremely helpful, smart, thoughtful, sweet, caring, responsible, and funny. He can also be extremely disobedient, stubborn, button pushy--as in I'm-going-to-do-this-because-I-know-it-will-annoy-you-and-for-no-other-reason-than-that, and one minded.

When he gets going he is my most organized child and really relishes in putting things where they belong. Hooray! Maybe I can learn a few things from him.

My favorite thing about Tennyson is how great of a big brother he is. He is always looking for ways to help Sanders and include Sanders and to be kind to Sanders. It makes him so happy to have Sanders happy. He will go without if it makes Sanders happy....and he's in that kind of a mood. It warms my heart.

I can't get enough of those blue eyes and his genuine compliments. He is constantly telling me how much he loves me and that he thinks I did something well.

He still gets up early. Very early. Anything past 6:30 am is sleeping in for him.

He loves coloring, riding his bike, playing with cars, jumping on the tramp, reading, and playing computer games and the wii.

He's always good for a snuggle if ever you feel like you need an extra bit of love.

I sure love that kid.


Lawson Family said...

Ah, the cake! I love how kids can over looking things like that and just be happy!

I can't wait to have him and Brenner play soon! Maybe Brenner will notice/learn how to be a kind big brother from T.

Sarah said...

What a sweetie! I love that he remembered me as the one who read a story to him. :) Tell him happy birthday from us.