Sunday, June 5, 2011

Continuing the tradition

I LOVE this tradition.

I just do.

When the kids come home from school on the last day, they run through, and break, a banner that says "Welcome to Summer!". This serves as a physical showing of switching gears from school to summer.

This year, Beckham got to break his first banner!!!

He punched right through it as was SO excited.

Karaia loves this tradition too, but usually hides her excitement because she feels a little embarrassed. Forget that two seconds before she broke through the banner she was jumping up and down because I reminded her that it was waiting for in the front yard.

Beckham actually had two tries because the first time through didn't tear the all actually.

 Yes, I did just reuse the same banner by duct taping the tear from Beckham.

 She's CLEAR back by the sidewalk

Ah, summer. I love summer!


my rebel took over said...

So fun! I may have to steal this idea. We still have two weeks left, but I can tell I'm getting into summer mode. Today at Costco I picked up way more books than I should have for the girls to have over the summer. A doodling book x2, Dr. Seuss's Book About Me for them to do while we're on vacation, a gorgeously illustrated Alice in Wonderland (the CS Lewis one). I restrained myself from buying the other ones they had. The Ramona Quimby series and the obligitory summer bridge workbooks.

I guess I was in the mood for some new reading!

emily said...

Well how fun are you?

I love that your are always finding ways to make your kids feel extra special.

I've been thinking about you with fingers crossed that everything goes your way.

Love ya.