Friday, June 24, 2011

The friend party

Tennyson had his friend birthday party today.

He had a hard time nailing down just exactly what type of party he wanted. First it was hot wheels, then star wars, then back to hot wheels, until he finally settled with dinosaurs.

Perfect because the zoo has a Zoorassic experience going on right now. They have these amazingly cool, robotic, dinosaurs scattered all over the zoo.

We invited a few of his friends and took a deep breath. Thankfully, my mom was able to help me wrangle 6 four year olds in a very crowed, busy venue. Also, she was able to get everyone in for free with her zoo pass!!! Thank you, mom!

I brought a rope with us and tied 6 knots in it. Each child was assigned a knot. We learned quickly that some of the boys of the group felt that this was an excellent opportunity to practice their tug of war skills. After we rearranged the line up and promised a train ride at the end for awesome behavior we were all good to go.

The kids loved the dinosaurs. Almost more than the animals. Funny kids. There is a debate between the girls and the boys as to whether or not the dinosaurs were actually real.

All the boys TOTALLY think the dinosaurs are robots.

And all the girls TOTALLY think that most of the dinos are real with the possibility of maybe one robot among them.

It was fascinating to see the gender line on this issue.

The promised train ride. Starting in the back on the left: Capriel, Taylor, Tennyson, Jacob, Forrest, Hannah

After the zoo we came home and had dinosaur chicken nuggets and cupcakes with little plastic dinosaurs on the top.

In Tennyson's words, "My party....was...AWESOME!!!!!"

Thank you to everyone for making him feel so special.


Lawson Family said...

The rope idea was genius! I'm so glad Tennyson was able to celebrate in an AWESOME way.

You're kids can't help but feel special on their birthdays, because that's the kind of mom you are!

mae said...

Forr had a blast!! Happy birthday Tennyson :)

Chrissy said...

How fun! The dinosaur chicken nuggets? Genius! :)

Ellis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TENNISION!!!! I Miss You!! Love Laurana