Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The After

Do you remember the Before and Middle post?

Well here is the After

Look! No more gaps!

Mr. Handy man himself

Kev did a great job. The Karaia and Beckham were thrilled he specifically asked for their help. Kevin was a bit frustrated when he realized that the risers that hold the step board are totally bowed and therefore it was impossible to get every step level.

I told him not to worry about what it looked like. We won't have it for long...we plan on replacing and expanding the deck probably next year. But the steps where too dangers to wait for one more year. I was just worried about the safety. Not any more! Those babies are nice and solid.

You now no longer have to sign a waive to use our deck stairs! Hooray! Good job, Kev!


Tobi said...

You mean the stringers that hold the treads were bowed? You have to get the stair lingo right! Ha ha!

Emilie said...

Yes! Thank you! I couldn't remember what it was called. Thank you!