Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taller enough

What a wonderful day!

*warning--there is an over abundance of the word "awesome" in the post.*

I took the kids to a great park in Kaysville/Fruit Heights called Castle Park. It. was. awesome.

This picture doesn't even come close to giving the true feeling of the playground.

It was even better because Chrissy, Sarah and their kids were able to meet up with us. Then we got rained out and headed back to my house and hung out for a few more hours.

LOVE those girls. Seriously. We can go from very serious, tender subjects, to joking and laughing without ever losing any of the quality in the conversation. They just plain make me happy.

PLUS, someone always says something awesome. Either awesomely funny or awesome in a make you think kind of a way. Today, there was a bit of mocking directed at Chrissy because she asked her 8 year old son if he would like her to reach something for him. We questioned her whether or not she was any taller than him in (I believe she is 5 feet) order to truly make good on her offer.

Her response?

"I am taller enough"

See?!?! Just awesome.

I got all my flowers planted and most of the laundry is done.

Great day.


Tobi said...

So glad you had a happy day! That park looks really fun. Have you checked out the miniature western town park in West Jordan? Perhaps equally awesome.

Sarah said...

It was a great day. :)

Teresa said...

We were there Thursday too--bummer we missed you. We think it's awesome too!