Friday, January 23, 2009

Think big

I had another ultra sound today. It's always so exciting to get a sneak peak at the newest member of the family. He was yawing and sticking out his tongue. Darling. He looks a lot like Karaia did as a newborn.

Anyway, there were some questions if there was a blockage in his urinary tract (nope all clear), hence the ultra sound.

He is measuring at 5lbs 6oz already.

Now here's some math for those of you who crave it but don't get enough of it in your daily lives.

At this point, the baby is said to gain an average of a 1/2 lb a week.

I have 6 weeks left.


We are looking at another 8 pounder.

I still remember delivering Beckham. I wish I didn't.

That epi is looking nicer and nicer with each passing day. ( I know, mom. You are thrilled to hear that)


Megs said...

wow, another 8 pounder! You sure know how to grow 'em! Good luck!

Lawson Family said...

I was just about to ask you if you were going to go natural with this one or not.

Emilie said...

I still haven't fully decided. I told my midwife I'll decide when I get there. She said that's what she does too.

So if I am at a 5 or less when I get to the hospital, I will be getting one. If I'm further along I'll just see how I feel.

Chrissy said...

How big was Tennyson? Not that a smaller baby makes going natural any more appealing to me... you are a superwoman! Glad to hear that all is well with baby.

Anonymous said...

Yay for a cute healthy baby and yay for epidurals!!! I'm a big fan.

April said...

That does make me way happy. In fact I would love to be there if you do have an epi. You probably need me with the other kids though... where ever you want me, I'll be there. (hey, I think that's lirics in a song)

Emilie said...

Karaia 6 lbs 10 oz

Beckham 8 lbs 10 oz

Tennyson 7 lbs 15 oz

Brianna said...

After delivering Beckham doesn't it really come down to the size of his head? I would let those measurements be my deciding factor if I was you.

E Harestad said...

I'm happy that everything was clear with your ultrasound. Epidurals are wonderful aren't they? I was "brave" for my first two kids...and I have NO IDEA why.