Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smart? ***Update at the bottom***

It's 8:10 pm.

Where are my husband and oldest son?

Headed to the Insta-care.


Because Beckham swallowed a dvd remote battery....yesterday....that he just told me about.

Why was it in his mouth?

That's what I asked too.

"Because I wanted to check to see if it was still good."

I thought people could "check" that by pressing a few buttons and seeing if they made the dvd player, oh I don't know, DO something. Apparently I'm up in the night. Because OBVIOUSLY the proper way to check a battery is to place it in your mouth.

When I told the poison control lady that he had put it in his mouth to "check" it's power level she said, "He's only 4?! Wow. That's pretty smart to know you can check a battery like that."

Hmmmm.....I hadn't thought to label his action

Let's just hope the nickel sized battery isn't lodged anywhere.

Smart. Huh. Yeah, I'm still not buying it.



They returned home 40 minutes after they left!

Fastest. Insta-Care. Ever.

They found the battery right away. It's the next thing to come out.

He was cracking up the Dr and Nurse the whole time he was there:

"My mom says batteries are poisonous."

"They are. She's right"

"Oh. My mom says not to put batteries in my mouth anymore."

"That's a good idea. Your mom is pretty smart."

So the next time you see Beckham ask him about his x-ray. Then sit back and prepare for a 15 minute edge-of-your-seat-roll-on-the-floor-laughing story.


April said...

Didn't I see and talk to you yesterday and you say nothing about this... Oh yeah.. it was at night when he told you. What a character!

Emilie said...

It just happened tonight. About 2 hours ago. Don't worry. this is something I would have mentioned...

Lawson Family said...

He is pretty smart to know that,but I think you just need to lick it, not ingest it! What a funny kid! I'm glad it was qick removal process. Oh, the stories!!

Chrissy said...

That is funny, now that you know he won't suffer any lasting effects... they make you wonder sometimes don't they? How can they be so smart and at the same time make you think "What were you thinking?!" at the same time?

jillian said...

Hopefully you got to watch grey's while waiting for them to come home, or did you sleep? I'm glad things came out ok! :)

Brianna said...

Oh Beckham... or should I say oh Emilie and Kevin because you two are going to have your work cut out for you in the years to come!

Audra said...

I found your post through Miss Nems blog and I just have to say I found my 4 year old CHEWING on a AA battery! Teeth marks all over the place. Chewing it like gum. He had only been home from Ethiopia a couple months, so I guess he did not know, but I just about flipped!

But that is a funny story and I always wonder if at the end of the day poison control people laugh about some of the unusual calls they get. If so, I am sure yours was discussed!

Holly said...

I also found you by following Miss Nem's comment link you left. And I laughed out loud (which is hard to get me to do) reading this. Awesome.

I had to comment because I HATE when people read my blog and I never know who they were or if they liked it. At least you get one of those now.