Friday, January 25, 2008

Can you hear me now?

If you have been within a 4 house radius of us in the last few weeks, chances are you'll know exactly what I'm talking about and perhaps still have a bit of ringing in your ears to prove it.

Tennyson is LOUD!!
He is into to squealing when he's happy (high pitched of course, the kind that makes human ears hurt and dogs go insane), screeching when he's excited, and down and out, no holds barred, screaming when he's plain mad....or lonely.....or bored.

The thing is that he looks harmless.

So this, this un-ignorable noise, why it just comes out of nowhere and takes everyone hostage. He knows it is his super power and he uses it. I try not to respond, but as I am slowing going deaf I feel an obligation to try and prevent that from happening to anyone else. So I find myself doing what he screams. Bad Mommy. But then there is the loudness stemmed from joy.....not much you can do with that, but smile through the pain.

I truly hope it is just a phase and not something he's learned from watching a mother of three's frustrated raised-voice moments. That would be utterly heart-breaking. Let's hope it is only a phase and I have not just outed myself as the worst. mom. ever.

For now, consider yourself warned and you would do well to bring some earplugs the next time you visit. Or are even thinking about walking past our house.

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Anonymous said...

Happy earplugging! Your kids are so cute. I love your fun stories and pictures.