Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Worst. Night. Ever.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night. Anyone who knows me knows that's about 3 hours early and the only time I can recall ever going to sleep that early I is when I woke up at 4 am in labor. So it's rare. And usually proceeds some form of unreal pain...or so I'm learning.

I went to bed that early because I had a headache that I thought was due to being tired. At 1 am Karaia came into our room to tell us of a dream she had. She was on Kevin's side so I wasn't listening very well, plus I realized I still had a headache. The pain increased as Karaia was tucked back into bed. Every position seemed to escalate the throbbing. I decided to move to the guest room to see if that bed offered any solace.

As I entered the room I could hear Beckham crying down stairs. Kevin went to investigate and informed me that Beckham had seen a, "poky-up thing in his bed," that "made him into a puppet". So Kevin eliminated all poky-up things and quieted Beckham down. By the time he came back up I was in a sitting position moaning and rocking as is the only way I know how to cope with unbelievable pain. Plus laying down only intensified my headache pushing tears to the surface.

Kevin, like the good husband he is, came by my side and asked what could be done. After some medication and a blessing I told him to go back to sleep just in case I had to pull an all nighter. I tried to lay down again, but it was useless. I decided that the anti-gravity properties of a bath might alleviate some of the pressure. So at 3:00 am I started a bath. It was heavenly! Exactly what my tortured brain needed. Weightlessness.

3:30 I got out. The pain was still there but manageable. I propped myself up on the couch in the most non-gravity position I could find and snuggled down to learn about the elusive giant squid. I was purposely looking for something to put me to sleep. By 4 am the pain had vanished and I returned to my bed.

At 6:30 Tennyson woke up. And Beckham. He said he was all sweaty. Turns out it was urine. Kevin took care of all of that and let me sleep until 10. Which if you subtract all the time lost last night gave me about 9 hours of sleep.

I categorically hope to never repeat the events of last night and am glad to see the sun shining making it easy to believe it was all in my head.......

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Skye O. said...

I'm so sorry Em. It is a good thing that the sun comes up every morning and that it goes down every night! Hope you're feeling better!

You've been tagged for a "Getting to Know Your Friends 2008 ABC's." Go to my blog and copy the post, then fill in your own. You know the drill. Have fun!
Skye O.