Friday, July 30, 2010

It happens in real life too

My cousins and I, minus Sarah who was helping out a friend, met at Liberty Park for a picnic breakfast on Monday.

This park is one of my favorites. Most of the ground covering is soft and there is a large variety of things to do, including a water fountain to run through. It also has enough big kid things AND little kid things to keep all four of my ankle biters happy and entertained.

At one point, when I was actually sitting down---Sanders was everywhere, Karaia and Beckham came running up to me. Beckham was crying. Just as he opened his mouth to tattle say something Karaia blurted out,

"Mom! Whatever he says it wasn't that hard!"

I could do nothing but laugh.  It caught me so off guard and it was so stinkin' funny. I'd always thought lines like that were written for T.V. script purposes to get a laugh out of the viewership. Turns out they are mimicking real life.

For the record:

Beckham says: Karaia kicked him in the mouth for NO reason. He wasn't anywhere near her and her foot came out of the blue.

Karaia says: She was twirling over a bar and because Beckham was standing too close she accidentally kicked him in the mouth....but barely.

Mom says: It's impossible to know who is telling the full truth. They have both been known to "embellish" facts. Sometimes Beckham cries if it almost, could have, hurt. Sometimes Karaia doesn't realize what her body is doing---AND sometimes she does, but does it anyway. I don't think it was intentional, but we will never know.


Anonymous said...

Your kids crack me up!

Chrissy said...

It was seriously funny, and I although I felt bad for laughing and thus making that parenting moment harder for you, I couldn't help it! :)

mae said...

Is that how you defend your position without actually admitting to anything? Too funny.

Lawson Family said...

I have just gotten to the point when there is no possible way to know to just step out of it. They need to handle it themsleves. It seems to work well and I think they kids, though they grumble about it, enjoy that I don't make any rash judgement based on "what she said."