Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy times

I'm behind again on my posting. And I do have a good post that involves Bear Lake and vomit.....again. But until I get on top of posting with pictures, I'm just going to move forward.

I'm slightly, OK super, nervous to post about this, but any forward movement must be documented.

Tennyson has had clean underwear for two. whole. days!

The funniest development of this whole affair is that, TWICE, when I called him in from outside to take a potty break he informed me the he'd already gone the "porest". For those of you not fluent in Tennysonese that would be the Forest.

Yup. My little guy has crossed the threshold into standing up to use his equipment.

I asked Beckham if he had planted this idea into Tennyson's head. His response? "No, I just looked over and he was peein' in the forest."

You know what? Clean underwear is clean underwear.

I'll let you know how the scrub oaks fair throughout the summer.


The other moment of the day that caused me joy, was listening to my kids play with some friends. They have been on the big kick of putting on plays. They figure out the characters, practice, and then call you in...or any other living being, to watch their extreme talent in the art of drama.

Today as they were still "discussing" who was going to be who, with Beckham being the only boy among 5 girls, I heard him say, " Don't worry. I'll be the Puh-nouncer. I'll introduce everyone and everything. It's cool. I'll be the Puh-nouncer."

I just adore that kid.


Colle said...

Congrats on two days! I am jealous.

Tobi said...

Peeing in the scrub oaks is much better than poop on the front lawn (that was courtesy of Kate at age 3).

Lawson Family said...

I am almost exicted for boys that can pee in a forest. So much easier sometimes. Here's to conituned "watering"!

Brianna said...

Your right... clean underwear are clean underwear... Yea!!!

Such a little boy!