Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad Gas-leage

Beckham told me today that his friend's dad had to get a new car because his old one had, "bad gas-leage and was costing him too much money." I assume he meant bad gas mileage, but I was laughing too hard to find out.

Tennyson's hand accidentally whacked my forehead as he was turning to look at something. He said, "Sorry I went whabam. That's my pavorite (favorite) word...(pause)....WHABAM!"

Sanders would live outside, in the sand coincidentally, if I let him. He also really enjoys smashing ants with his index finger....such a boy.

Karaia may as well be a tween. She's already practicing on her mood swings. Super helpful one minute; very entertaining and fun to be around. Super attitude the next.

Tonight Karaia, Beckham, and Kevin are sleeping in the backyard in a tent. Beckham literally climbed up my body to give me a hug when he found out.

My life is pretty wonderful.

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mae said...

Bad gas-leage- that is hilarious. Your kids are adorable.

Quinn slept outside in a tent with Forr and Lola Friday night, too. So much fun.

I have to agree with you, life is great!