Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My sister, Annie, is an amazing decorator....on a budget no less. Every time I've been to her house (which is not often because she lives out of state) I am always amazed at how fantastic it looks on such a little budget. See, her husband just graduated from Dental school a year ago and they have four little kids 6 years to 5 months.

And while I long for cute things to decorate with, but hesitate at spending money frivolously and there for just do without, she finds a way to make/get the cute things and still SAVE money. It's a talent.

Why bring this up?

Because she got featured on How Does She? for her darling, budget friendly little boys room!!

It's an amazing blog that features crafts, recipes, and other DIY activities.

I am so proud of her and she deserves every last bit of recognition she receives.

I just thought I'd help extend her "15 minutes" by spreading the love.

Way to go, Annie!!!!


Mary said...

Yay Annie! You guys are a very talented family, Em. :)

Lawson Family said...

Em...so sweet! Thanks for the shout out, support, and ideas! You were the person I would bounce of ideas from so THANKS! I just can't wait until your "15 minutes" (though we all know it will be much longer) comes from your fabric designs.

Danica said...

I can tell that talent and taste run in the family. Her green crib reminds me of somebody's orange crib... now who could that be?