Friday, April 2, 2010

Field Trip

I try and be an active parent in my children's school experience. Karaia's teacher, this year, hasn't needed as much weekly assistance, but I have helped out with the Halloween and the Valentine parties. Parties take a lot of preparation, but I have been always happy to do it.

Despite what I thought was showing Karaia I was invested in her life, she was insistent that I just HAD to come on a field trip. Every time she would mention it her big blue eyes would get misty. Then she started talking to Mrs. Pickett about her heart's desire.

I don't remember my mom coming on any field trips, but I don't remember caring one way or the other about it. But to Karaia, it was huge.

My reservation was not about going on the field trip, it was about finding a babysitter for that long in the middle of the day. My boys are young and my friends have young children of their own. My mom is awesome to watch the kids, but struggles, because of health reasons and her inability to say, "No" to a grandchild's request to play with them, with long periods of babysitting. During this time Candace was in session and working super long days, or I would have asked her.

However, when Karaia's teacher started sending notes home with ALL of the field trip days and letting me know through phone conversations about how tender Karaia was with this subject, I knew it was more important than I realized.

My mom OK'd her service (it was a long day for her, but she did great) and Karaia got her mom to come on a field trip! We went in Feb. to Abravanel Hall and the Zoo. We saw Chinese and Mongolian performers. The kids did really well despite the long program. Here are a few pre-show pictures with Karaia's best friend, Danielle.

The zoo was freezing!!! I think I saw one other family their. Maybe. If I squinted really hard

Karaia and Danielle trying to eat quickly before their fingers froze.

There were 4 girls in my group. We called ourselves the Cheetah Girls. We had a hand signal and everything. That's right. We are cool like that. Go Cheetah Girls.....growl.

I am so thankful this little grown-up girl is mine. She is crazy and delightful. Spontaneous and reserved. Most of all, very loving.

I look forward to more field trip memories with her.


cwilson said... are such a cute mom! I love reading your blog!

Brianna said...

I LOVED how special I felt when my mom would go on field trips with me... something about getting her personally to myself... I still love when that happens. ;)

Here's to lots more memories as stepping stones towards a strong, loving mother, daughter bond as adults too!

Megs said...

Fun fun! I'm glad that you were able to go and make Karaia feel extra loved!

Oh, and by the can call me to babysit. Chances are there will be two adults for your three children...and we don't tire out THAT easily. :)