Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet thing

Karaia has lost 3 teeth in 4 days!

The kid is struggling to find things she can eat. She has pulled out these last three all by herself. She loves it. Just like her dad. After the high of pulling this last tooth out wore off a bit, she came upstairs in tears. When I asked why she was crying she said,

"I feel like Dad feels left out because he likes to pull out teeth, but I've been pulling out my teeth myself."


I sent her on her way to go find her dad. He let her know he has had his fair share of pulling teeth and as long as she still enjoys it, to right on ahead, he won't feel left out.

I love seeing this softer side of Karaia.


Tobi said...

Kate pulled out her own tooth today, too. Was there something in the water at your house (or perhaps a gnawing stick in the basement)?

Brianna said...

I love when you can see the size of a kids heart just by the cute things they say!

P.S.- Karaia is always so sweet to Marlee. She takes such extra time with her, even with their age difference... your raising a good one Em!

Megs said...

Aww, that's so tender. What a sweet little girl your raising!

Lawson Family said...

First of all, I feel bad for the toothfairy...she's not getting any rest in your home!! Second of all, that is super sweet!! It's great to see your kids think of someone else's joy/sorrow.

April said...

she has a heart of gold, maybe not for Beckham right now but she will cause that's who she is.

Chrissy said...

What a sweetie. Post a picture of her toothless grin, Mama! :)

Teresa said...

I love, love, love, it! Especially the green fabric behind the shelves--very clever. Feel free to sew me anything you like in that room!