Thursday, April 8, 2010


So the beginning of this week found me in a super funk. I felt, small, unaccomplished, untalented, and below par. Part of it was due to the reality of the continuation of my fabric design quest. The other part was the feeling of not meeting my motherhood potential. And a third part belonged to the sore throat I was sporting.

But today, today the sun is out. The sore throat and other ailments are still here, but less than before. The kids and I have quite enjoyed each other's company. And the sun is OUT!

I never cease to marvel at how much my mood can be effected by the weather.

Also, today is my mom's 52 birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom.

She is a women who uses more energy than she has, sees the world as mostly good, and loves those in her life. I have learned a lot from and owe her much.

I love you, Mom.


Lawson Family said...

I am very much the same way. I tend to get way more accomplished and fell better about life when the sun is out. I'm glad "there is sunshine in you soul today!"

And since Mom doesn't have her own blog to post on, Happy Birthday!!

Brianna said...

Oh how a little sunshine can make a world of difference!!

Here's to several more days of sun, happiness, and productivity!

April said...

So happy to hear you are out of your "funk" and thank you for your sweet words. It does my soul good to hear them. I love you too.