Monday, March 15, 2010


I need a do over.

It's 8:50 am.

Karaia doesn't get to go to school. Yup, her choices this morning were that amazing.

Beckham has already been in time-out.

Tennyson is currently in time-out.

I definitely NEED a time-out.

I'm sure my children would agree. And probably any rational parent.

Why are there no mulligans in real life? I'm sure I could behave in a different way despite the behavior my children chose to wear this morning. I'm the adult, right?

It's too early to wish it was tomorrow.



Emily said...

Well - on that note - good luck today!!

My front door is always open if you need to drop them off, ring the doorbell and leave us all with only stunned faces and burnin' tire tread in the driveway!!

Chrissy said...

I am so sorry, days like that always seem to last twice as long as normal days. :(

Although I have to admit to wondering what choices would make you keep Karaia home, not questioning your parenting, just curious. Here's to long naps for everybody today. (I'd blame it on daylight savings and serve cereal for dinner and call it good...)

Brianna said...

I'm a firm believer that on some days the clock actually ticks backwards... hang in there!

Also, you are an incredible mom, even if you had a mulligan to use that you would have next to nothing to change about your parenting choices this morning.

Lawson Family said...

Ugh. I can feel the pain over the web waves. I know it's hours and hours past the feeling, but an "Ugh" is coming in your general direction and hopefully a "sigh" too, now that the kids are in bed!

Nicole said...

I haven't read this current post, but Danica told me to look at what your little guy did to his eye! HOLY COW!!! I'm sorry you had to go through that. We had an accident yesterday that I blogged about, but not even close to what you had to deal with. I am so glad he is OK. You are truely blessed. That could have been way way WAY worse. =)

Marge said...

hope the rest of your week went better. I feel like that and then I wonder why, mostly its because we have these crazy expectations of how our kids should act and sometimes are expectations just are a little out of whack - i'm not saying we should let them rule the roost but sometimes I find myself soothed when I try a little less