Friday, March 26, 2010


I sent a message to my friend, who happens to be the owner of the fabric manufacturer where my designs are being reviewed, just to see if she had heard anything.

I just heard back from her.

She said that the design manager, Jina, told her she had already email me her decision.

They only email I have received from Jina is the one she sent to let me know she had received my designs and she would let me know about her decision.

Of course I know what her decision is. She is obviously giving my friend, her boss, the run around.


You may remember that, Jina is the same lady who had an extreme dislike for my first line.

Strike three.

Hear that?

That's me picking my heart off the floor.

I know what you're saying. Three tries isn't many at all.

And you are right. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have an impact on me each time.



My heart is back in place and I'm ready to go again. It's helpful to get it all out in black and white so I don't have to carry it with me.

Someday, Emilie, someday!


Tobi said...

Double boo. I'm sorry this has to be so hard. I wish there was more heartache and struggle over fine-tuning your designs and no trouble with getting others to love them and print them (why can't we, your adoring fans, have a fabric manufacturing company?). Press forward! We're hear to support you whether you are up or down.

Lawson Family said...

I agree with Tobi. I don't want to wait until a high and mighty manufacturing company picks you up to use your fabric. I'm ready now!

April said...

I'm sorry. Disappointment is hard to take. You do have something wonderful to offer, the designs are great. Don't give up. It's a fantasic goal and one that will happen someday.

Marge said...

I know this won't help much but...


I truly believe in life about 90% is attitude, sometimes just believing in ourselves is enough to get us over the hump (I know in your case the hump happens to be other people's opinion's but I know that you can do it)

Chrissy said...