Monday, March 29, 2010


Tennyson vocabulary grows every day. He really amazes me at the words he uses and the way he describes things.

Unfortunately he has trouble with certain sounds.

An F makes a P sound in Tennyson-land (Por instead of For)

S is a T or D (Danderd instead of Sanders)

C or K is a T (Betum instead of Beckham)

And occasionally R is a W, but not very often.

While this is not unusual for children Tennyson's age, it is new territory for Kevin and I. We have now added interpreter to our list of talents.

Most of the time, I understand what Tennyson is telling me, but every once in awhile he adds a new vocab word and stumps me the first few times he uses it.

Recently, he has realized that just repeating what he said doesn't help.

SO, my little smarty pants two year old has learned the art of describing things in detail.

For example:

Last night I walked into Tennyson's room after we had put him to bed for the night to find he had shed his pajamas and was rummaging in his drawers for some day time clothes. He insisted it was morning time and he need his clothes not his jamas.

As I was putting his pajamas back on he kept insisting he wanted to get.......something. I couldn't figure it out. The word he said sounded like checked or test and I couldn't place the context with the meaning. A few weeks ago he would have said, "I SAAAAID (insert hard to understand word)" and just repeat that phrase over and over until he would finally conclude we were not going to understand each other and sadly walk away. *cue heart breaking music* It was gut wrenching, but he was so sweet about it. Sad, but not mad.

But last night, after about four wrong guesses on my part as to what he wanted he sighed and said, "I want to get new clothes and put them on."

OH! *ding ding ding ding ding We have a winner* You want to get DRESSED!

What an awesome kid! He is such a problem solver.

While he didn't get to get dressed for the morning, at 9:00 at night, he SO was not winning that one, we both were just so thrilled to be on the same page that I don't think he minded all that much.

Or maybe he did.

You'll have to ask him and see what he says :)


Colle said...

That is awesome. I am glad he has figured out a way to explain. I have to ask my 5 year old what my 2year old is telling me.

Tobi said...

Too clever for a two year old!