Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Round 3

Today in the mail I received a package.

A package from Westminster Fibers.

I knew it was a rejection letter, but for about five minutes I sat with it on my lap pretending that I would tear open the seal and in it find a letter containing nothing but manufacturer love. I knew it wasn't reality, but who says a girl can't dream? It felt really good to live the dream....if only for a few moments.

You can't stay in dream world forever and I soon opened the package to find my suspicions were right.

However, this time around I do not feel gut punched. Instead I feel hopeful. Let me share with you why.

First off, at least they actually looked at my designs AND came to a consensus.Which of course means more than one person looked at it.

Also my, "designs are very similar to several artists that we are currently licensing with that same look."

Which I am taking to mean that I am not completely void of talent! Sounds good to me!! Yes, I may be unoriginal, right now, but if I had gotten there first they may have signed me on.

Am I stretching it a bit? Perhaps. But I'm cool with that ;)

Thankfully, I had a fit of inspiration last week and already have a line that is almost ready to submit. I don't LOVE it like I love the first line, but I kind of feel like I need to just get my foot in the door and then work from there.

Round 3......bring it!


Chrissy said...

Go Em! Good for you on keeping your eye on the positive. And you are definitely not void of talent.

Love you!

Danica said...

Good job. That letter was very encouraging. You'll make it, just keep going.

AmyPoll said...

Like I said on your facebook post...third time is the charm. Way to keep your head up. I am so excited for your fabrics to become a reality!!! Good luck!!!

Sabina said...

You can do it Em! Don't give up! I so admire your spirit and determination. You are amazing.

Tobi said...

In children's book publishing any kind of reply is a good one - even if they only have bad things to say. It means they cared enough to say anything. I'd say that was a totally awesome letter! So many great points that I think you were justified in taking. You'll only get better and then someday they will do a special edition line of your first designs and EVERYONE will wonder why they didn't jump at it when they had the chance!

April said...

That is way cool! What great encouragement to keep going. I'm excited to see the new line.

Greg & Lyndi Daly said...

Em, you do have a talent and I am so glad you are being positive! You should be! I'm rootin' for you in Wyoming!!!

Brianna said...

I'm excited to see the new line too... heres to constructive critisism!

Kris said...

Em, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Wahoo for you that they looked at YOUR designs and that they wrote a letter back with encouragement!! YOU GO GIRL! I love you and so excited that you are not giving up, I support you all the way girlfriend!