Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sander's 11 months

Sanders turned 11 months Feb. 2. Which means, he is almost 1!

Sanders is a super happy, super busy baby.

He crawls everywhere, walks around furniture, and likes to sample any fine cuisine he happens to find on the floor.

He adores cars, balls, books, and pretending to be a motorcycle (he learned that one from Tennyson).

He gets his groove thang on whenever he hears music, especially Signing Time. Think Ray Charles type moves in a little 11 month old body and you've got his style down to a T.

Sanders likes to eat chalk, but is quick to hand it to me when I tell him, "No."

He also likes to open drawers and doors just to see how they work. He hasn't entered the empty-everything-in-the-drawer-just-because-I-can phase yet, but I am sure it's coming.

He is quick with a smile and can often be heard singing , well, more like humming, throughout the day (one of my favorite sounds ever!)

Sanders does not like to stay in one place too long, which makes diaper changes and getting dressed a rather interesting sport. Sometimes a full contact sport if he is particularly wiggly.

He is working very hard at using a fork.

He LOVES to point things out with his cute little index finger.

His favorite thing to point out is lights and a picture of the Canadian changing of the guard we have on our wall.

We are just so in love with this little guy and are glad he is part of our cute family!


Lawson Family said...

Man, I just can't get over how different each of your children look from each other AND I can't believe he's almost one!!

Chrissy said...

What a cutie! I have to admit though, that my favorite picture is the third one down where he is making a mad face. How can looking ticked off be so darn cute?

Emilie said...

Chrissy, I call that his bitter beer face....or maybe more appropriately, his bitter milk face.

A Veterans wife and mommy of 4 said...

He is such a cutie pie! Cant believe he will be 1 soon!