Saturday, February 20, 2010

Raising Kids

As Sanders 1 year birthday nears I've been thinking a lot about the future of our little family. Especially after the little "Disneyland episode" on Sunday.

Let me explain.

I like to take my children to Disneyland when they are around 3. 1. Because Disney is awesome. 2. Because at 3 things are just so, so magical.

We have toyed around with the idea of telling the kids at Christmas about our plans, but realized this special trip would likely be overshadowed by all the other things they get at Christmas.

When our tickets arrived in the mail last week I decided I could not wait one second longer to tell of the fantastic event coming our way.

I devised a quick little treasure hunt. Each child got to find one clue that gave a hint about another clue, ultimately leading them to the bathtub.

They found the package and opened it up. In hind site, I think instead of them finding the package that they found confusing and full of adult (not x -rated of course---we are talking about D-land) language, I should have just made a sign that said, "We're taking you to Disneyland!"

See, I had visions of jumping up and down, scream, and, if I was extra lucky, crying with joy. Mainly because that is what I would have down....except the crying is standard. That's just what you get with me.

What I got instead was confusion.

"We're going to Disneyland?"

Me: YES! We're going to Disneyland!!


Beckham and Karaia: When?

Me: In April. Well the end of April.

And that's when the crying began. And not happy crying either.

"Beckham why are you crying? You should be happy. We're going to Disneyland!"

"Well, I would've been happy if you hadn't have said, 'the end of April.'"

"Are you kidding me?"

"That is TOO far away!"

Now dear readers had he said this with a wistful, dreamy, voice this whole senario would be a far different memory for me. Instead, he chose to pull out his, teenage, how DARE you even think of making me wait so long don't you know who I am, voice.

To which he got promptly sent to his room with lots of counsel on what gratitude means.


Beckham seems to be going through a phase where he can only see the negative in the situation.

It makes me so sad for him and his future if he continues to be focused on such things. I've tried pointing out the good when he seems stuck on the bad, but it's a struggle.

Thankfully, I can tell he really is trying. I think he is starting to understand that Satan wants us to focus on the bad so we can't see the good Heavenly Father has given us. If there is anything Beckham loves see is the bad guy get taken down, so he is trying to do his part.

Here's to Beckham getting the title of THE MOST POSITIVE in high school!


Colle said...

oh man this story is so similar to my life. We are going in end of may and Easton thinks we are horrible that we are making him wait that long. He also is all about the negative. I hope this phase leaves soon. Let me know if you have any advice for this.

Emily said...

Disney 101, Em.

The WEEK before. I would have hit ya.

(I know it's hard to contain the excitement). I'd just encourage them to make lists of all the rides that they want to go on. It will keep them busy being ridiculously excited.

I knew a year in advance once growing up. It was worse than having your fingernails torn out one at a time.

Emilie said...

Em....that would have been much, much better.

You would like I would know that by now.

mwilson said...

We are going to Disneyland at the end of April too! The 26th to the 1st to be exact! Maybe we'll see you there! :)

Lawson Family said...

The "Taken' Satan down" strategy has been used a many of times in our house. It's amazing how changing the focus on making Satan mad can really motivate little kids!

Brianna said...

Nothing is worse as parents than an anti-climatic situation when you thought they'd be over the moon... such a bummer.

Take comfort in knowing that even if they never give you the proper gratitude now, they will one day when they are parents... I'm sure of it. ;)