Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some parts of Mommyhood are less than fun.......

......Even though that may be true, as I tell my kids, anything hard to do will probably be awesome once you finally accomplish it.

I'm trying to tell myself that with potty training Tennyson.

We have been at this for nearly a month, A MONTH, and it is almost like the first day.....every day.

The thing that is especially frustrating is, this is not my first round with potty training a child. I have, successfully I have reminded myself often lately, potty trained two other children. Karaia was by far the easiest done in 3 days. And when I say done, I mean, wake-herself-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night,-walk-herself-to-the-bathroom-and take-care-of-business kind of done. Beckham took a few weeks, but no where near a month.

Tennyson, sigh, is super stubborn. He says all the right things, "I not a baby. I a big boy. I go pee in the potty!" 30 minutes later he had contradicted his mantra.

Of course I am, still, taking him every 30 mins. and he manages to squeeze a few drops out each time to satisfy his old mom, but there is rarely any initiation. He tells me he wants to be in charge of it himself, so I try and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Every once and a while I'll ask him, "What is your body saying?"

To which he replies, in the highest, squeakiest voice imaginable, "I want a snack!" or "I want to play with toys!" or "I want to color!" Apparently his body speaks in falsetto.

On one such occasion I said, "It is time for a potty break."

"No! I already did."



"What time?"

"Tuesday and Wednesday!"

See now that explains a lot. I mean, I've been trying to get him to use the toilet everyday. But apparently he only goes on Tuesday and Wednesday. My bad.

Someday this will be funny.

Which is why it is written down.

I think I'll pull it out when his poor wife is trying to potty train their two year old son. Maybe it will give her hope.


Brianna said...

Oh how I loathe the potty training! Hang in there, because one day it will be funny... it already is to me! ;)

Tobi said...

You are too ambitious. I don't even start until AFTER the third birthday. (I way prefer diapers over potty training.) Tennyson is too funny, though!

AmyPoll said...

Good luck with kids were all stubborn crazies that had a mind of their own. You will do great!!!

Kris said...


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I cannot believe how much a like we are!! Hang in know he will get it eventually. I am with you in spirit and love your blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Emilie, you are not alone my friend. Nathan wants NOTHING to do with the potty! He will take off his diaper and want to run around butt naked but WONT go to the potty, he will just let lose wherever he is standing at the momment... When we take him to the potty he will stnad there and say "momma it's empty!" One of these days these boys or ours will be potty trained.

Sarah said...

Don't even talk to me about a month...I have been doing this for TWO YEARS!!!!

I will never potty train again. My other kids will just have to do it themselves.