Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Completion of projects

I am struggling here.

I have so many project started that I no longer have room (or so it feels) to finish any of them until I finish all of them.

Do you see my problem?

There seems to be no apparent pecking order to my, eh hem, creative, need to organize, general house up keep, madness.

If I do the dishes the laundry will have to wait. If I do laundry the half de-wallpapered bathroom will have to wait. If I continue to strip wallpaper, the quilt will have to wait. If I repair the quilt, command central will have to wait. If I work on command central, the dishes will have to wait.


How does anyone get anything done?

(the list is actually longer than that, but I should be doing something on that list instead of blogging about it, so I am trying to keep it short)

Plus then there's the making of meals, and the finding activities for the kiddos to do while I get anything done.

THEN there's the mess the kids made while I was getting stuff done that gets added to the rotation.

I need an extra Me around here.

Before this dilemma however, I was able to get one project done, almost.

Tennyson's Big Boy room.
I just have one more set of vinyl to put up, but Here, take a peek.

Did you notice the sports balls on the walls?

They are scattered on all four walls, just a shade lighter than the paint color. (you can see them better in real life)

Did you the notice the jersey number are actually
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10?
(the one got damaged in the mail...a new one is in the works)

That's right, not only is it a bedroom, its a learning room

One project down.

A bazillion to go......


Chrissy said...

Well, I'd offer to come hang out and be your "extra ME" one day... but I come with 3 extra "them"s so I don't know that that would actually be helpful. :) I love Tennyson's walls, very clever Mommy! Learning and design all in one, I bow to your skills...

Lawson Family said...

We all have been there/are there! I'm so glad you posted pictures! I've been meaning to ask you to see it! It looks so cute, Em!! I loved the watermark-looking balls!

Mary said...

I love completing a project. It's so satisfactory. Kudos on the bedroom! It looks very nice. And fun. And good luck with the other things! They never seem to end...

Brianna said...

You need to ship off the kids for a weekend, if possible... you'd be amazed how productive you are without all the extra "helping hands".

Colle said...

Oh man I so no what you are talking about. I am at the totally overwhelmed stage so lets do the not important things in life. Good luck if you figure out a solution let me know.

Danica said...

Cute! I love the room. I can see the balls just fine.