Thursday, July 9, 2009


This sun-drained cutie lost her first tooth, Monday, July 6, 2009.

She totally looks like Kevin in that second picture with her mouth open.

The tooth had been wiggly for awhile. Monday morning Karaia bit down on some hard brown sugar in her oatmeal causing the tooth to practically jump out of her mouth on it's own. She worked on it for the rest of the day until Kevin convinced her to let him finish it off.

She was so brave. No crying at all. And man was she proud. She has been waiting for this day for a long time. She immediately called her grandmas and grandpas. Then, of course, she had to run over to the neighbors and tell her friend, Sophie.

After she had been at Sophie's for awhile I walked over to ask her to come in. She headed toward our house, skipping at the thought of the Tooth Fairy making her very first visit to the underside of her pillow, when she suddenly frozen, spun around and dropped to the grass on her hands and knees. I knew immediately what had happened.

She had dropped the tooth!

I paused for a moment to see if she could find it. It didn't want to disturb the grass causing the small, baby tooth to sink to the soil. Quickly, it became apparent that she was having no luck. I ran over to console her. She was extremely upset.

Her biggest concern was that she would have to wait until she lost ANOTHER tooth before she would get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. I explained that we could write her a note explaining what happened and all would be well. Thankfully, that calmed her down.

Here is the note:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost my first tooth!
But then I dropped it in the grass.
It is at my neighbor's in the backyard.

Love, Karaia

Beckham asked if the Tooth Fairy would still come if kids were awake.

"No. She won't"

"Oh. I was going to wait up for her, but I guess I won't now."

After learning that little bit of Tooth Fairy etiquette , Karaia asked if I would go over to the neighbor's and remind them not to stay up because the Tooth Fairy had to go into their backyard to look for her tooth. And to please go right NOW as it was a very pressing matter.

At least she said please.

Lucky for her the Tooth Fairy thought the note was great and even left her $1.

Karaia speaks a little funny now because her tongue is forever feeling the hole her tooth left but nothing could be cuter!

Oh and for the record, Kevin figured out that in 2015 the Tooth Fairy will probably leave $11 under the pillows of our kids. I glared at him at told him I'm SURE she will survive even after having to give SO much money away to ONE family. Men.


Chrissy said...

Wait. Was he accounting for inflation, or just figuring for the average number of teeth lost per child? Hey, you ought to make her a tooth pocket to keep future lost teeth safe and sound. (My friend Kris gave me a really cute and easy pattern to make one out of felt.) Jake has one that is all crooked and wonky, but not quite there yet. In fact I think it is the same tooth that Karaia lost! I wonder if that bottom left is always the first to go... :) Congratulations Karaia!

Lawson Family said...

No, I'm with Kevin. We got $.25 and that's what my kids are getting. That's a pretty memorable first tooth story! I love how she had to call the great!

Emilie said...

Chrissy - it was figured on the average number of teeth lost per year, per child. Let us not forget that he even made an excel spread sheet for it, just to be extra accurate.

That pattern sounds fun. We need to get together so I can actually finish some projects.

Annie - Aw come on, a dollar isn't that much. ;)

Brianna said...

Tell Kevin that maybe Mr. Tooth Fairy should get a second job in the upcoming years.

And I'm sorry to say Annie, that I wouldn't let anyone pull my tooth for a little, tiny quarter... and this coming from a family that obviously values teeth! ;)

Kevin said...

For your information Chrissy (or anyone else who cares), accounting for the time value of money the present value of all tooth fairy payments at a low 5% discount rate is $58.39.

Sorry Emilie looks like the tooth fairy's not taking anyone out to dinner for a while...

Danica said...

Kevin used to pull my teeth out too. I think he used to get some pleasure from watching his little sister squirm and almost pass out.