Thursday, November 20, 2008

6 lbs, Buffalo wings, OH and candy

I had my midwife appointment 2 weeks ago. Upon being weighed it was discovered that I had gained 6 lbs in the 5 weeks between my appointments.

Um.......that's not really supposed to happen.

Also something that is not supposed to happen is doubling your overall weight gain in one appointment. I accomplished that as well.

They were very kind and did not make me feel like the uncontrolled eater I have become. I was way more freaked out by the whole thing then they were. But they did mention I probably should try not to do that again.

The problem is my insatiable appetite for buffalo wings. The sauce by itself only has 5 calories per Tbs. So pretty much I can slather it's magical goodness on whatever I want. See that's the problem, it's the wings I want.

It doesn't matter if you are pregnant or not. If you eat boneless, breaded, food-from-all-things-good-and-wonderful, wings and dip them in yummy blue cheese dressing twice a day for two weeks straight proceeding to chase them with a nice after meal of 3 - 5 mini Halloween chocolates you WILL gain some weight. It's even been proven scientifically.

Yes, yes. I know what you are saying. But the taste is so worth the end result. I whole heartedly agree with you.....right now.....when my stomach can't be flat anyway.

But come 5 months from now you can bet you will see a post from me complaining about the difficulty of eliminating the unwanted fat that such glorious food deposited on my rear end. Nobody wants to hear that. I might even feel inclined post pictures of the "Before" me. And that in of itself is enough to keep young children up at night. It's better if we just try and avoid the situation all together.

As I left the office they were all giggling because they realized, and kindly pointed out, that my next appointment comes shortly after Thanksgiving and they have already witnessed the extent of my will power.

Somebody hand me a carrot stick.


Brianna said...

I can beat that... 7 lbs in four weeks with Marlee and I think I did 6 lbs in four weeks with Jordyn. You're an amature. Just remember everytime you feel that your gaining a lot of weight think of me, your dear sister in law, who gained 41 lbs & 42 lbs on babies that didn't even weigh in at 6 lbs!

Emilie said...


Kevin just said, "Yeah, beat that."

me: No. I don't think I'll try

Kevin: Too bad, there was a candy bar in it for you.

AmyPoll said...

You have me laughing hysterically!!! At least you don't outweigh your hubby in high school...that would be Bart's comment after I stepped on the scale with Devon..."Holy cow, you weigh more that I did in high school!" The nurse politely took a step back and didn't say a thing...I am pretty sure she thought I was going to beat the lights out of him right there and then...but I the moral of the story is...IT COULD BE WORSE!!! Enjoy!!!

Emilie said...

Oh Amy! Bart is lucky to be alive.

Tobi said...

I can gain 6 pounds in my sleep and I'll be sure to send you hate mail when you lose your baby weight way faster than I do this spring (and bets are I'll be working out dilligently while your baby fat simply disappears). In the meantime, I still want to have you over for some buffalo chicken pizza! Just think buffalo wings, but with the added fat content of a cream sauce and cheese...then dipped in blue cheese! Show that midwife you are a real player!

Chrissy said...

What I want to know is how you don't have heartburn all the time if that's what you're eating twice a day? I think I got heartburn just reading this post...

E Harestad said...

Eeww - don't eat the carrots!! Trust me. Chasing FOUR children around will give you all the exercise you'll need! I say enjoy it while you can!

Alex said...

May I recommend a strict bacon regimen? It doesn't work for me but you might give it a try.