Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random pregnant thoughts

Thought #1:

"Hmmm.....I wonder just how good it would taste if I put EXTRA buffalo sauce on frozen buffalo wings?"

Thought #2:

"Wouldn't it be horrible if you could SEE farts?"

For the record, it's beyond good to put more buffalo sauce on frozen buffalo wings.

You should all try it.

I mean right now. Hurry no walking. It's a must run to kind of flavor.

I'll wait.

And it's totally worth all side effects, i.e., burning mouth, watery eyes........

.............insane amounts of gas.

Hence the reasoning for the second random thought.

Pregnancy is so glamorous.


E Harestad said...

This is Andrew. Thank you both for dinner last Friday. I think that you both are great and your kids are the best. I look forward to the next time we get together.

Emilie said...

We had a great time too. The kids are still talking about it. We can't wait to get together again.

AmyPoll said...

Congrats Emilie!!! I would have guessed a girl...simply because of the hotwings craving...I had that craving when I was prego with Jules...the hotter the better...just wait til you are 9 months and ordering them at a restaurant...you will get the STRANGEST looks and lots of dumb questions like "won't that cause you heartburn" and then you will want to punch their lights out, but just give some random sarcastic answer in return. Congrats on the boy though...there are a lot of cute boy clothes out there now...he will be such a cute little pimp daddy!!!

Chrissy said...

It is especially fun when the baby is big enough to roll around on your intestines and whenever he shifts so does the gas.... yes, there are lots of things about pregnancy they never show in the movies. Every morning I wake up (after a cumulative 3-4 hours of actual sleep) and my nose is swollen and red, I think it gets bigger every day! My toes look like cocktail weenies, and I have passed the "you're glowing" stage into the passing strangers giving my pitying looks or nervously edging away because I could explode at any moment stage...

Brianna said...

Eat up, because pregnancy is the best excuse for good eats, and you say this is the last one for you, so take advantage of it.