Monday, November 17, 2008

Adult Break

I am WAY behind on my posting. I think of things to post all the time, but then I think, "No. I still haven't posted about X, Y, OR Z" And I stop myself. I'm afraid you have missed out on some really, really amazing posts because of this. SO I've decided I'm am going to post as it comes to me and if it's out of chronological order then so be it.

I had the chance to travel to Washington D.C. to spend some time with Kevin the beginning of October. He was there for two weeks on a work assignment (He was actually IN the Senate room when they passed the bailout bill--He said he now knows why people vote on looks. Obama looked pretty smooth and put together. McCain, well, he looked old) ANYWAY. To break up the two weeks we decided I would fly out for the weekend. SANS KIDS!!!

I got to fly first class on the way there and conversed with a young man, 5 years my junior, who's occupation was taking wealthy people around hunting big game. Who knew there was a market for such things.

In D.C. the weather was perfect and the company adorable. We would really love to take our kids there some day. All the free culture. Who could ask for more?

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AmyPoll said...

I would absolutely love to go to DC one day and I know that Bart echos me ten fold. I am glad that you had a great kid free time!!!