Monday, November 17, 2008


I've alluded to becoming crafty recently. I thought I'd post one of the items I have been making in mass recently, along with my first ever tutorial! Just in case you would like to make some too. Remember this is my first tutorial. There's bound to be some confusion. Just ask questions at the end.

This, is a stationary holder.

It's a darling little project that can be personalized and filled with all sorts of treasures. I got the idea from here.

It's very easy to make. A one hour project if you will.

Buy a 13" x 14" canvas bag at your local craft store.

Cut off the bottom and the sides.

Turn the two cut pieces so the handles are opposite each other. Cut out fabric to fit between the handle seam and the edge (about 10 1/4"--but it depends on how much you cut off the bottom) and half way up (about 5 1/2 "). I cut out a double layer of fabric for each pocket. Set the fabric aside.

On iron-on interface draw or copy the monogram of the child who the holder is for.

Remember to draw/copy it backwards on the paper side of the interface. Cut it out. Iron it onto the wrong side of the fabric you wish to use for the monogram.

Cut out the letter, peel off the interfacing and position and iron onto the front of the holder.

Sew around the edges of the letter to ensure stability. You can do this with contrasting or matching thread.

Sew the two fabric pieces of each pocket together. Then position the pockets onto their correct positions on the holder and sew along both sides and the bottom leaving the top open. (You are going to want to sew along all the cut edges of the canvas bag so that it can fray without unraveling. I incorporate sewing the bottom of pockets in at the same time I sew along the bottom of the bag.)

Once the pockets are in place and the bag has a seam along the top and bottom cut edges, then match the two halves of the bag up, pockets facing each other, and sew them together.

Add some velcro between each handle and your quick and easy project is completed.

Have fun!


Skye O. said...

Love that bag Emilie!

Danica said...

Cute! You are too crafty!

Chrissy said...

Super cute! That is a fun project. I have also seen something similar made with a placemat. We need to get together and craft. That would be alot of fun.

AmyPoll said...

Julianna loves hers...thanks!!! It is so cute and all my sister in laws from the other side of my family love it too.