Wednesday, May 28, 2008

work in progress.....

Well mine is actually done, but I am just SO proud of myself I had to share. This post is in answer to this post.

I started and FINISHED this project in 24 hours and I made TWO of them!

It's a nursing cover. I, however, prefer to refer to them by the first name I heard for them which is Hooter Hider.


Anyway, there was a double shower for my sister and my cousin. I went fabric hunting and this particular fabric had, literally, barely been taken off the truck. It was still in the wrapping and just lying unassumingly on the floor. I snatched up my treasured find and raced home. Each Hider cost me less than half of what it cost to buy one, even with the designer fabric.

I have purchased two of these covers and I must say that the ones I made are just as good. I even put the boning in them. That's right. I'm cool. But please no bowing.

(p.s. did you notice the chocolate brown?)

Excuse my boasting, but I am just so tickled that I pulled it off (I am a novice in the sewing department) and more importantly that I actually completed a project. I have a bit of a problem with that.

Just ask Danica about my 2 1/2 year old-less than half completed-quiet book. So sad.


Denise said...

You are hooked!!! You will be making alot more cute projects like this one. That is really neat fabric.

Jay and Jillian said...

wow!24 hrs! good going em!! they look great!

Lawson Family said...

Congrats! I was wondering what fabric you had used! Meghan was trying to describe it to me... I love it! Way to go, Em!

Anonymous said...

Nice, Em!! Love the fabric. Your kids are sure cute. Karaia looks so big and grown-up with the graduation hat. How I wish we had a preschool like that here!!! I love your hair!

CnLAland said...

CUTE! I have been looking everywhere for one of these that was afforadable...did you have a pattern? I am not handy with the sewing machine...but my mom-in-law is! ;) Oh...and I LOVE your hair cut! SO CUTE!

AmyPoll said...

I am seconding the request for a pattern...I love how they turned out!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Emilie said...

Here is the pattern I used.

But instead of just folding over the straps, I sewed them inside out first and then turned them right side out before attaching them. OH and I cut the straps 3 1/4 inches wide instead.

ALSO, do NOT make the second strap 31 inches or whatever monsterous length they suggest. I made mine 17 inches and it was more than enough. So that's one strap 10 X 3 1/4 inches long and the other 17 X 3 1/4 inches long.

I cut my fabric 26 X 36. Again it was more than enough.

Other than that I followed the pattern.

Have fun! With the designer fabric at $9 a yard I still spent less then $11 to make one. It takes less than an hour to make each one.

I do suggest using designer fabric as it seems to be a bit denser and therefore more discreet.

Danica said...

I don't need a pattern. You can just make me one for my next kid. And if I don't even have to use it, you can have it back. :)

Dave said...

Ok, so I probably shouldn't comment much on the Hooter Hider, but the name is seriously a guy.
So, I couldn't help but salivate at the chocolate colors that you've got going on - I REALLY do need your help at my new place - what's the possibility of you and Kev (and the kids if you'd like) coming down to check out the pad? You could totally put your signature touch on the color and design of the place - I'm just totally lost when it comes to picking out colors...and you are so clearly 'found'.
What sayest thou?

PS: And what's this about you having a love affair with lettuce? Beckham hasn't told Kev yet has he?

Scott, Kara, and Dane Jorgensen said...

I love my hooter hider! That is is great gift! I also am really glad to see that you are adding more pictures! your hair is so cute! You are a babe!

Jim & Candace said...


Next thing is? I think you did a great job and are supper great at sewing. You just need to expand your horizons and you will fall in love with sewing like everyone else.

April said...

way to go Em, you deserve to be very proud! Love ya, Mom