Friday, March 7, 2008


I love looking at original works of art. I love how complex each piece can be and yet it can seem so simplistic if you are watching a master give it life. Each layer much be thought out, if only seconds before the paint meets the paper. And are then carefully orchestrated to elicit the stirring of the soul that all great works do. I marvel at how some paintings can look incredibly detailed from afar only to find as I step a few feet closer that the lines are much less precise and seem more as an after thought.

On occasion, I am an artist. Although my dad would say on all occasions. But he and my step-mom live in the world of art. My step-mom being and artist herself, as well as being the Director of the Bountiful Davis Art Center, and my dad being a connoisseur of fine art. His over enthusiasm for my talent stems, I believe, from a desire to have produced greatness among the world he has such adoration for. Yet at times, in order to avoid hiding my light under a bushel, I admit to having surprised myself by what I have created. Far from soul stirring, but I believe I am capable of such time.

Anyone who thrills at seeing original art, especially from local artists knows that you tend to develop a taste for your favorites. Among my favorites is Yevgeniy Zolotsev. He does this amazing wet on wet technique with water color that actually involves using a blow dryer to move and mix the colors. I first saw his work about 5 years ago at Summer Fest. I have been hooked every since. I find myself drawn to his work.

For years I have claimed that one day I will own one of his pieces. On Friday, my step-mom gave me this:

Out of the blue, for no reason other than because she loves me and because she knows I have such passion about Yevgeniy's talents. We both cried in her office. It was a wonderful moment.

It is entitled "South Germany". I have placed it on the mantel of my yet to be remodeled dinning room as it has become the inspiration for the room. How can you not be inspired? Notice how from far away it seems you can walk down the street and it looks crisp and clean, but upon closer look it's all blurred. I wish I could do that!

Thank you, Emma. Thank you for making a dream come true.

It's the little things that make the biggest difference.


Amy said...

It is a beautiful painting...I am so happy that you were able to get it. What an amazing thing for Emma to be able to do for you...I am sure that she probably had no idea the extent of the impact it would have on you. She sounds like a really neat lady. Now, on to another thing...I had no idea that you painted...I want to see some of your work!!!

Lawson Family said...

That really is so breathtaking. I can see why this artist would be one of your favorites! What a great surprise!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great painting. Pursue your talents!!! I am always amazed at the things you create. You are especially impressive to people like me who have not one single artistic bone in their bodies. Bryce asks me to draw trains all the time and I'm proud of myself when I produce a few boxes with circles on the bottom! Enjoy your beautiful new piece of fine art and get busy with those colored pencils and paint brushes!!!!!